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kinseysurfers's Journal

Gay Now, Bi Later?
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This community originated in a workshop led by metalana at the 9th International Conference on Bisexuality (a.k.a. 9ICB), entitled "It Really Was Just a Phase: lesbians & gay men coming out as bisexual".

We're all familiar with the cliche of "Bi Now, Gay Later", but sometimes it's the other way around. The phenomenon of gay men and (especially) lesbians coming out as bi has spawned a lot of nicknames, some derogatory and some more playful. "Hasbians", "Yestergays" and "Kinsey Backsliders" were among those people at the workshop had encountered, but we found "Kinsey surfers" more fun.

Many of the available bisexual discussion spaces, both online and off, tend to focus on the experience of people moving towards bisexuality from identifying as straight, but the experience of those who've previously gone through coming out gay or lesbian (and/or trans, as some workship participants had) can be very different. The purpose of this community is to provide an alternative space for discussing those experiences, and our ideas around sexual fluidity, identity, relations with the queer community(ies), etc.