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24 April 2010 @ 03:21 am
[Feministing] Holding My Boyfriend's Hand: On Becoming Invisible Again  
found this thoughtful and thought provoking 'guest post' in feministing.com of April 21st 2010 by "someone who preferred to remain anonymous"

After over a decade of dating mostly butch/masculine women, I am dating a man again. I am a queer high femme, and I "pass" easily through straight society . . .

My queer chosen family and friends understand that who I date does not negate my queerness, and they care more for my happiness then the gender of who I date. My male lover is queer and knows how my attractions work. He likes the boys as well as the girls, and frankly, we enjoy these parts of each other . . .

I hate being invisible again, and I hate being in a world that defines my sexuality by the person whose hand I am holding. Even all of my sauciness can't lead me to easy answers or fast retorts, and I'm struggling to find how to be here and queer even while holding my boyfriend's hand.

Please CLICK HERE to read full essay in Feministing.com

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